About Us

Lodlois was created by Matthew, Jason, Keith, and Kelly in 2010. We review products. For a number of years we have been one of the most detailed and comprehensive review sites on the web, in categories that include computers, health, software, and services.

Online reviews are becoming more and more important, both to consumers and businesses. Nowadays, 92% of people read online reviews, and they admit product reviews influence their purchase decisions. Research shows that more than half of young people aged 18 to 34 rely on online reviews more than the opinion of friends and family.

Our goal is to provide this information—the insightful data that consumers need to judge products and services. We want to help buyers shape their own opinions so that they make intelligent decisions.

Contact us: Kelly@lodlois.com

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1 Freeman Alley
Youngstown; OH 44503
US tel: +1.3302592392