Lodlois Who?

Kelly Lodlois_195Hi, I’m Kelly, and I’ve created this site just for you. I struggled with my weight for years. It kept going up and down, to the point where I didn’t actually know my weight at one point. I wasn’t in control, and it felt like the whole world was laughing at me.

Then I discovered that if you look carefully enough, you can find a variety of sources of help. That’s when I discovered Weightwatchers and Nutrisystem, two of the very best sources of help I have ever come across. They have been incredible in their support and their advice, and I wanted to pass on some of the good experiences to you.

While I loved using these two services, I also realized something else about myself and what I like to do. I found out that I really enjoy writing about health and fitness. Sounds a little weird, but the more I delved into my own weight problems, the more I wanted to write about where I wanted to be. So it seemed logical that I put together a site that looks into health and fitness issues alongside helping you get the most out of Weightwatchers and Nutrisystem.

What will this site bring you? Well, it will give you advice on how to look at your health in a sensible and tolerant way, rather than beating yourself up about it. It will also give you tons of coupons and offers on those two services I have just mentioned. They have both helped me become the healthier, happier person I am today, and I want to help you get something out of them too.

Look around the site and pick out the info you need to make your life better. Then take advantage of the fantastic offers and deals we have lined up for you.

Shoot me an email at KellyLodlois@yahoo.com. Look forward to hearing about the great bargains you have had.