Hostgator Promo Code 2020 – 1 Cent Hosting Coupon

Hostgator Promo Code 2020 – 1 Cent Hosting Coupon

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What is the Best Hostgator Coupon?

Hostgator latest working coupons and deals can take 30% off, 50% off or even 75% off your hosting bill. The best coupon code for hostgator depends on what your hosting needs are:

  • If you are not ready to invest in one year’s worth of hosting, then your best choice is to try the service for one month and pay only a penny (1 cent) ! This is basically free web hosting for a whole month, which gives you plenty of time to evaluate the quality of this host. Just use the above hostgator discount codes to avail this voucher. (note: some people are looking for hostgator free hosting for 1 year but this offer does not exist for any of the hosting plans).
  • If you have already decided that Hostgator is the right hosting and domain provider for you (which I believe is the right decision as I explain below), then I recommend you buy the 3-year hosting plan, which is the most economic. Combined with the Hostgator 60% off coupon SAVE60NOW the Hatchling hosting plan will end up costing you less than $2.8/month, the Baby plan $3.98/month, and the Business plan $5.97/month.

ATTENTION: When you use these hostgator coupon codes in 2020, you take advantage of low-rate, introductory prices that apply only for the first term. These Hostgator special offers. If after your first term you want to continue hosting your site with this provider, you will have to renew at a rate that will be at least twice higher than the introductory price you pay now. Therefore, it makes sense to make the most of these discounted introductory rates by purchasing the lengthiest term. This is why when I purchase a plan from Hostgator, I always buy the 3-year plan.

Six Reasons why I Use and Recommend Hostgator

Currently, I use Hostgator as my hosting provider in a number of my sites. Here is why I endorse their hosting services:

Low Price. Hostgator isn’t the lowest price hosting provider. In 2012, I used their dedicated servers for about a year, and it cost more than $1,000. If you want a more economic alternative, there are plenty of services available that can host your site for $1/month. But Hostgator has one of the lowest prices and best coupons for shared hosting among premium hosts. Premium means: 24/7 chat and phone support and reliable servers. To me these two matter the most. In the past, I used to host my sites in cheap hosts. I cannot recall how many times some of these providers had their servers crash or the company’s very own site disappeared altogether from the search engines index and I couldn’t find them on line! Now, the vast majority of cheap hosts have fake phone numbers. Try to call them and see for yourself. They will not respond. I remember the frustrations I experienced when my site was down and there was nobody to contact. Each time this happened, it cost me $30 to have somebody transfer my site to a new host during. And my site would be down for 2 days the least. So, while the price I now pay on Hostgator is a couple dollars more per month than the cheap hosts, it’s costs me less, if I factor in the time and money I would waste (not to mention the emotional expense) on unreliable cheap hosts. And the price gets even better if you use Hostgator promo codes. The offer a range of payment methods and they accept all major credit cards.

Reliability. The host’s uptime is critical. As I said, I have hosted sites several times on cheap hosts. As I said, a number of things happened that I didn’t like, and I am sure you wouldn’t either. I would wake up one day and my site would be down. Of course, there would be no phone support available so I would freak out. How would I contact this host as soon possible to let them know my site was down and ask them to restore it? The only way was to email them. I would leave a support ticket and hope their customer service replied soon.In a case like this, four things would happen:

  • In some instances, they would respond within a few hours, fixing my problem.
  • In some other cases, they would respond saying that they have no idea why my site is down, although it turned out it was a problem with their servers. I remember a few times their servers crashed and all the backups had been deleted. They asked me to upload my site again from my own backup.
  • In some other instances, they told me they had suspended my site because it had been hacked or it had some malware. A site hosted on a cheap host is vulnerable to malware attacks. Now I had to hire a professional and have him find the malicious code in my site and remove it.
  • The worst that would happen, in some instances, is that the hosting company would not respond at all. In fact, in some cases, the host’s site would be down, too! And in some rare scenarios, that did occur, the host never appeared again on the web from that day on! In either of these cases, that was the end of my relationship with that company. I had to transfer my site to another host. If I had a recent backup, I would transfer my site to a new host using that backup. If I didn’t have a recent backup and I needed to get one, then I was doomed because the host wouldn’t give me access to my cpanel.  They wouldn’t respond to my support tickets at all.

With Hostgator I sleep well knowing my site is live all the time. And in the rare occasion my site faces an issue and needs technical support, the solution is one call away.

Customer Service. Every time I have needed to call Hostgator, there will be a courteous, knowledgeable person that will help me solve the problem my site is facing. It will be an American, not some guy in Philippines or India. I love guys in the East, but when I need urgent assistance about the hosting aspect of my site, I need to talk with the people who run the hosting business, not some delegates on the other side of the globe. The other day, I was looking at the company’s web hosting plans. I opened the chat window, and a few minutes later I had an agent point me to the wordpress hosting as the best solution for my site. Another option, if I didn’t want to build my site on Worpdress, was the drag-and-drop Website Builder. He even pointed me to their website’s page where they list all promo codes for the various hosting packages for that month, and I picked a promo code.

Good Neighborhood. You want the sites that are hosted along with yours in the same server to be clean and reputable in Google’s eyes. Why is that important? The way Google ranks your site is influenced by the type of sites that are hosted in the same server as your site. In what neighborhood is your site hosted? If you host your website in a cheap web host, chances are high that the sites that are also hosted in that server are not real sites. And when I say real, I mean they are not fully developed sites in which somebody has invested time, effort, and money. They usually belong to people who perform experiments trying to game Search Engines, engaging in Black Hat SEO tactics. These people know their sites are going to live for a short time (“churn and burn” type of sites, as they call them) and therefore they want to minimize hosting expenses. This type of sites own their fair share in Google’s blacklist. Having said that, one reason I have chosen Hostgator is because the neighborhood is great—whether it is shared hosting, vps hosting, dedicated hosting or cloud hosting. My site is hosted with sites that belong to big businesses, organizations, charities, universities, etc.

First Month is Free: When I buy a product or service, I do want to have zero risk. I want to be able to try it for a period without paying anything. Cheap hosting providers never offered this deal to me. They did offer me promo codes to reduce the overall cost, but not a trial period. Hostgator offered me a risk free trial. And it offers it to you, too. Just use the coupon for Hostgator 1 cent hosting.

Easy to Cancel. You can cancel your subscription within the first 45 days for a full refund. I love that. Sometimes my plans change. I start a new site for a particular project (i.e in the context of my work, to help a friend, etc) but things do not progress as I planned, so I have to cancel the project. Thanks to the money back guarantee that is in place, I get all the money I invested in the hosting aspect of my project returned to me, whether it’s a dedicated server, reseller hosting or shared hosting.

How to Use a Hostgator Hosting Coupon

It’s very easy. While you are checking out, you will see a field prompting you to enter the code. It looks exactly like the one below:

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A Trick to Save Money with Hostgator Hosting



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