First Month on Nutrisystem: 10 Lbs Down (Before – After Video)

I recently watched Debra’s video report on her Nutrisystem journey, and I thought I would post it here for you to get motivated and inspired. Here is Debra in her first month on Nutrisystem.

Debra: Today, I decided to embark on the Nutrisystem diet. Before I actually get started I want to take a photograph of myself in my present shape. Believe me, at 240 pounds I have far more weight on my body than I should have. I have put on 100 pounds and despite hating to take a picture of myself I am going to do so. I am dressed in a bikini, which is an extra large size. By the end of my Nutrisystem diet journey I hope to be able to fit into a medium sized bikini. I expect my journey to take between six and nine months.


I am taking a full-size picture of my front, side, back and other side. I am also taking a picture of my buttocks and belly. Just so I know exactly what I looked like when I weighed all those 240 pounds. My legs need a lot of work and the same goes for my stomach. The truth is that every part of my body needs a lot of work.

Debra Before Nutrisystem

Photo: Debra before Nutrisystem

Since I am one hundred pounds heavier than I was, I believe my immediate goal is to shed those one hundred pounds. I am embarking on my journey just before my birthday and my anniversary. Though it has taken me three years to put on all these extra pounds, which means that somehow I have been putting on thirty pounds a year. I think the reason for the weight gain is taking medications and lack of sufficient exercise.

This is day one of my journey and I am totally excited. I will be doing this every week. I have my doubts about the Nutrisystem because I have come across many complaints about it. Anyway I am putting myself out there and though this is pretty scary and it is also not something that I really want to do, I am at my worse and I really need to do something about my condition. I am going to describe my journey from an independent point of view. So, if you are looking for a video on Nutrisystem that is not paid for by Nutrisystem, this is the one for you. So, stick with me and give me your support because I don’t want to look heavy and I really want to look nice again.

Nutrisystem: 4 Weeks After


I am at the end of my fourth week and I will be completing my fifth week tomorrow. I am as promised going to tell you how much weight I have lost and it is pretty impressive considering I have not really exercised all that much. Lets talk about my dimensions now. My measurements were 48 bust, 47 and a half waist, hips were 52 inches and my thighs remain at 29 and my arms were 14 inches.

Now, after using Nutrisystem my bust is 40 and my waist is 38, my hips are 49 and a half from fifty-two. My thighs remain the same but my arms are a bit thinner at 13. My waist started out at almost 255. Now it is 229.6 and it only took four weeks to lose quite a lot of weight.

I have taken more pictures of myself and I am looking much slimmer. All the bulges are gone though my legs are still the same but I no longer have flab hanging about. I am still too heavy to wear a two-piece and I do need to do some more exercising. But I feel that a huge difference has been made. I love everything about myself now. I try new things and I have kept my diet the same. Today, I am heading out to get some more Nutrisystem. Thanks for watching my video. My video is for those who want to see how Nutrisystem works.

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