Five of the Best Tasting Nutrisystem Foods

For the most part, dieters really love the flavor of Nutrisystem foods. They are either fresh frozen or shelf stable (packaged). Even though these packaged entrees do contain some preservatives, the scientists at Nutrisystem have managed to create low glycemic comfort foods that are loaded with nutrients and please the palate. There are a few entrees that get better reviews than most others, so lets have a rundown of what some of those foods are as you begin your journey to weight loss on this unique program.

First, it’s worth mentioning that Nutrisystem makes it very easy to order items a la carte online. This means that there’s no need to drop hundreds of dollars for a full month’s supply. Also, with sites like eBay, you can try some Nutrisystem entrees without any long-term commitment. Also, the available discounts for Nutrisystem make this most inexpensive of diets even more affordable. So if you’re looking to dip your toes in the water instead of diving in head first with this diet program, you’re going to find it’s easier than you ever imagined. Also keep in mind that when you’re doing the full-blown program, you’ll be rounding out these meals with extra vegetables, salads and fruits.

Best for the Taste Buds

#1 – Black Bean Soup: This hearty, fibrous soup is loaded with Omega 3’s and just tastes plain delicious. It’s great for your heart, and the recipe includes many different spices and savory flavors that are wonderful for the palate. You can even add more veggies or beans to your soup if you’re looking for a heartier experience. This is a perfect option for bringing a healthy lunch to work.

Black Bean Soup Nutrisystem

#2 – Fudge Graham Bar: This bar just tastes absolutely delicious and chocolatey. It’s like a marshmallow, graham cracker delight that is packed with protein and much less sugar than the candy bars you’ll find at the supermarket. And yet, it does not taste like anything close to diet food.

#3 – Vegetable Fajitas: The fajitas are completely vegetarian, and use soy protein as the meat substitute. Most people are afraid that meat substitutes may taste awful, but this dish is delicious. It’s got a nice spicy kick to it and the serving size is ample. Again there’s the option here to add more vegetables if you choose to bulk it up even more. There are also corn, peppers, and beans in this entree that make it very filling and satisfying.

Nutrisystem Vegetable Fajitas

#4 – Meat Loaf and Mashed Potatoes: Everybody loves their meat and potatoes, but Nutrisystem has found a recipe that is low in calories and still tastes delicious. This is a dinner entree that is heated in the microwave and does not require any kind of refrigeration. The portion size is modest, but the flavor is very good. The meatloaf comes prepackaged in a tasty gravy sauce which can also be mixed into the creamy potatoes.

#5 – Mac and Cheese: Yes, you’ve heard correctly. Nutrisystem makes an amazing Mac and Cheese dish that comes in a convenient cup that can be taken to work or used as a side with your dinner. The sauce is decadent and rich, and you get all the flavor of your favorite comfort food without the added calories and fat.

For those who are wondering how they can save on weight loss, Nutrisystem coupons are available online.