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How to Use the Godaddy Web Hosting Coupon

Godaddy has 3 types of shared hosting plans: Economy, Deluxe and Ultimate. Once you select the hosting plan you want and you are ready to check out, click on the link: “Have a Promo Code?”. Once you do this, a window will popup prompting you to enter your Godaddy web hosting promo code. Instantly, the price will adjust to reflect the value of your Godaddy hosting code.


Why Host Your Site on Godaddy?

Godaddy stands out among other web hosting providers in 3 areas:

  • Support. With almost 5,000 employees worldwide, the support the company offers is unparalleled in the industry. They are available 24/7 to help you in any issue you face with your domain or your site. The agent that you will speak with is an American. They are very knowledgeable and polite. The only customer support that I can think of that comes close in terms of quality is that of Hostgator. Currently, I have sites hosted on both Hostgator and Godaddy so I can tell that both companies have exceptional customer support.
  • Experience. They have huge experience. And why wouldn’t they when they serve more than 13 million customers! And they have sold their services to many more since 1997, the year Godaddy was founded. Truth is that the majority of their customers use Godaddy as a domain registrar, not as a host. Yet, the numbers of those who use Godaddy to host their sites are in the millions.
  • Knowledge. This is the world’s #1 domain registrar. With more than 60 million domains under their management, they know their stuff!

4 Things I Like about Godaddy

Full cPanel. The control Panel has all the functionalities that you may need to manage your site, including my two favorite ones: One click Backup and Installatron. The first one allows you to quickly and easily create a backup of all the files in the server, and the databases. The second one allows you to install your favorite CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc) with one click, so that you start creating your site within seconds after purchasing hosting. This tool has been so handy every time I create a new site! Not all hosts offer the one-click Backup icon on cPanel. For example, iPage, Netfirms, and Fatcow—which are more expenisve hosts than Godaddy—require that you pay a premium in order to be able to backup your site with one click.

Inexpensive. Godaddy is one of the few premium hosting companies offering plans that are so low-priced. Their plans are cheaper than Hostgator—the other king of web hosting. The Economy plan costs only $1 per month, and it’s known as “Godaddy cheap hosting” or “$1 Godaddy hosting”

Reliability and Uptime. For me, having a site that is live 24x7 is very important. This is why I always look for hosts that operate on powerful and reliable servers with stable network connections. Anything below 99% uptime is unacceptable. I have hosted sites in servers that were really cheap, only to realize that they had terrible uptimes. My sites would be down several times a week, for lengthy periods, losing visitors, sales, members, and reputation! I know first-hand how frustrating this is.  In all these cases, I had to migrate my sites to more reliable servers, which is a pain in the neck. This is why I consider uptime the most important quality of a web host. Godaddy has a top notch uptime. As the table shows below, the average uptime, taken from over 27,000 measurements in a course of 6 months (by a 3rd party lab), is 100.00%



Coupons. Very few hosting companies offer coupons. Godaddy hosting deals and offers can be found all over the web. But they apply only for new customers. A Godaddy hosting renewal coupon unfortunately does not exist. If you find one being offered by some blogger online, it won’t work. You cannot renew your hosting plan at a discounted rate. But for those who open a new account, the following coupons are available:

  • Godaddy WordPress hosting coupon—you save 50% for the Basic plan (you pay $3.99/mo instead of $7.99/mo)
  • Godaddy Deluxe hosting coupon—you save 50% (you pay $4.99/mo instead of $9.99/mo)
  • Godaddy Economy hosting coupon—you save 88% (you pay $1/mo instead of $7.99/mo)
  • Godaddy Ultimate hosting coupon—you save 46% ((you pay $7.99/mo instead of $14.99/mo)

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