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5 Reasons Why We Love

NameCheap is an established provider of domains and web hosting for individuals, businesses, and resellers. At the time of writing this article, our site has been registered and hosted on NameCheap for over 5 years. We chose NameCheap because we like them more than any other provider out there.

1. Very Economical

As its name implies, NameCheap is a very affordable provider of domain names and webhosting services.

Most companies offer you a very good deal when you want to purchase a domain. They may even give you the first year for free, if you host your domain with them. But, when the time to renew your domain registration comes, they charge quite a bit.

How much would you pay to renew your domain? I generally don’t want to pay more than $15. The cost of domain renewals varies wildly in the market. We love NameCheap because it’s one of the few registrars that charges only $10-12 for a .com renewal. Godaddy charges around $18, and Network Solutions a whopping $30-40, which is of course ridiculous.

What happens if you forget to renew your domain, and you attempt to renew it after a few days? NameCheap won’t burden you with re-instatement fees. It will keep the renewal price the same. Other registrars, like Network Solutions, will add $35 to your domain renewal cost only to “reinstate” your expired domain (which is just a way for them to make extra money—who are they kidding?).

How much would you pay to host your site on a shared server? Most people look for prices not higher than $3-4 per month. We have been hosting for 5 years now on a shared server on NameCheap (their most economical “Stella” plan) and we pay $3 per month. That’s the regular price. With a Namecheap promo code it gets even cheaper.

We enjoy a disc space of 24 GB, unlimited bandwidth, and we can host a handful of domains. Our site, which has a daily traffic of 500-1,000 people runs incredibly fast. Take a look at the loading speed score that Google gives for our site, when we run the Speed Test:
We get a 98 for Desktop and an 86 for Mobile. Not bad at all!

2. Very Reliable

Reliability! If there was only one thing that web masters could get from a web hosting ocmpany, that would be reliability—hands down. I mean, take a look at most web hosting providers, which advertise their offers and coupon codes over at I have tried hundreds of them. The vast majority suffer from one thing: Inability to keep their servers up for an acceptable amount of time. They just can’t keep their servers operational for a decent percentage of time. Yes, all of them will tell you that “our uptime is 99.9%”. Don’t believe them. If you buy hosting from them, prepare for several hours (even days) of continuous downtime!
That’s not the case with NameCheap. We have tried them 5 years now. We didn’t have a single incidence of downtime, at least not one that we became aware of! And the guys at, which monitor a hosting provider’s uptime, agree with us. They have been monitoring the uptime of Namecheap for the past two years. The uptime has been 100%!

Isn’t this cool? It is for me.

3. Exceptional Customer Support

When I look for a webhosting provider, those that offer immediate support through a Live Chat system always stand out among the rest. NameCheap is one of them, which makes dealing with your occasional website issues very easy. Anyone who owns a website will eventually have to deal with billing or technical issues at some point (i.e hosting renewals, site is down due to some plugin conflict, etc). The majority of webhosting companies have a ticketing system which allows you to request help from the company’s staff. The staff will then contact you, within 24 hours, to provide the support you need.

Namecheap, instead, offers real time support as you can chat with a live person anytime of the day! What’s more, their support extends far beyond the typical area of hosting services. They will help you with technical issues that your website may face. Throughout the 5 years that we have hosted our wordpress site on NameCheap, our site went down sometimes because of various reasons, due to our own actions—unrelated to NameCheap’s service. We immediately reached out to their Live Suppport, and we were so relieved to have their staff examine our website, find the thing that was causing our website to not work properly, and suggest a solution for us—for free. This saved us a considerable amount of money, as our other option would be to hire a developer from Fiverr or Upwork and have them work on our site.
The customer support is there any time for any issue. One day, we wanted a NameCheap promo code. We reached to the support team and they gave us 19% off a domain we wanted to register.

4. Safety

The folks at NameCheap take security very seriously. When you log into your account, you have to go through a captcha verification system to ensure you are the owner of the account and not and a robot that is trying to hack your account. You can avoid this captcha if you remember to change your password every 6 months.
The system automatically logs you out after about 30 minutes of inactivity. This is particularly helpful if you ever log into your account from a public computer and you forget to log out.

5. Convenience

Managing your domain and hosting is very easy on NameCheap. Once you log into your account, you can access the most important information right away, from your dashboard. You just have to point your mouse on the little house icon, in order to see information about your domain (when it expires, DNS, etc).

If you point your mouse on the icon that is on the right, you get information about your hosting account. If you click on “Manage”, you can manage everything related to your domain or hosting plan.

And here is the thing I love the most. On any page, if you scroll down, you see the option to chat with a live person, which I have used plenty of times.

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