37% Off Weight Watchers Promo Code and Coupons

One thing I love about Weight Watchers is that they have promotions all year around. One promo code I often find is the “save on Weight Watchers OnlinePlus“. Some times you can even join for free (waive sign up starter fee). And the 30% off discount on Meetings has almost become a standard! Here are the current Weight Watchers discount codes:

Weight Watchers Promo Codes


Why Does it Work?

Weight Watchers works because it’s not a diet. It’s a weight management system that says “Yes”. Yes to the foods you love, Yes to the dining out with friends”, “Yes to living your life”.

Yes to the Foods you Crave

Weight Watchers 1With most other diets your food options are restricted to either a select menu of meals that a food delivery company ships to you, or to some list of food items you are allowed to eat.

But with Weight Watchers you learn how to lose weight without losing the good stuff. You continue to eat the foods you enjoy. And they teach you how to make them part of your weight loss plan.

So, what’s a day on Weight Watchers like? Well, you start the day with your regular breakfast. Then grab a snack. Going out for lunch? No problem! Got some afternoon cravings? Feed them! Family dinner? Of course. And yes, you can enjoy your ice cream dessert, too. No measuring, not counting, no math. It’s just simple.

Yes to Mini Goals you Can Achieve


Whether you lose 5 or 50 pounds, it can be intimidating. It’s not a trivial goal. And keeping the weight off can be equally challenging as well. Through their 50+ years of experience with millions of people, Weight Watchers has a developed a system that allows you to accomplish big weight loss goals by taking small manageable steps.

Going to Weight Watchers Meeting will give you a weekly shot of motivation. You will find guidance and a lot of enthusiasm. To help you with your goals they have developed some great online tools.

If you don’t want to attend meetings, you can follow the program totally online. You get access to a full suite of digital tools, apps to help you when you are on the go, and even Cheat Sheets to make your progress fast and easy.

Yes to Being Yourself

WW3How many times have you started a diet only to quit after a few weeks because you realized that even if it worked it wouldn’t be a sustainable way of living. How many months can you abstain from carbs? For how long can you resist hormone-induced food temptations and hedonic eating? Can you say “no” to a piece of cheesecake for ever? There is only so much will power in each of us each day. Once you use it all, nothing can hold you from indulging in what your true self desires. Weight Watchers says “yes” to being “you”. It’s so flexible that it adapts to your lifestyle. Unlike other weight loss programs, it doesn’t require that you change your life.

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Weight Watchers is offered at special prices or at no cost to state employees in some states.

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