What is a Day Like on Nutrisystem?

What is a typical day like in the life of someone on Nutrisystem? Heather made this wonderful video where she takes us through a typcial day on Nutrisystem.




Kelly is on the women’s plan. There are several other plans and they vary a little bit. “I base everything off the meal planner, which makes it really easy to get all the servings you need every day.” she explains.


Kelly: I had a garden vegetable omelet for breakfast, with grated cheese on top, and apples on the side.

garden vegetable omelet

I followed the Nutrisystem meal planner, which consists of a Nutrisystem entrée, which is the omelet, a dairy or protein, and a fruit. The portion sizes for the dairy, protein or fruit are at the back of the meal planner.


For lunch, I had a chicken Quesadilla with a bit of salsa on top, half a cup of steamed carrots, and as much broccoli as I like because it’s unlimited.

chicken Quesadilla

The recommended lunch portions are two vegetables, a dairy or protein and your Nutrisystem lunch. I’m going to save my snack for later on today. I’m also drinking carbonated water with my lunch.


My midday snack is a lettuce wrap. Sandwich meat is allowed on Nutrisystem, which is cited in the grocery guide.

lettuce wrap

Sandwich meat is allowed as long as it’s less than 2g of fat, low sodium and weighs up to an ounce. I have a sandwich meat that meets that criteria. You can use romaine lettuce or iceberg lettuce.

This is a very filling snack for the middle of the day. I get an extra serving of protein, and the lettuce is also an unlimited vegetable.


It’s time for my dessert, and today I’m going to have the fudge swirl sundae. My kids are having big bowls of ice-cream with chocolate on top, so now I don’t feel left out.


For dinner, I’m having something from the frozen select line and it’s the chicken alfredo. It is one of my absolute favorites and it’s delicious!


I’m also having a salad, which consists of mustard greens (these are unlimited), roman tomatoes, and lemon juice drizzled on for the dressing. That takes care of my two servings of vegetables and my Nutrisystem entrée, and I’m saving the fruit that’s listed here for a bedtime snack.

Night Snack

I like to eat my last serving of fruit for the day as my bedtime snack, which is my apple. I have my fat serving for the day, you’re allowed one teaspoon of smooth or chunky peanut butter for your fat, and I am a huge peanut butter fan. I like to put it with my apple, and this makes for a wonderful bedtime snack.


I am always full on Nutrisystem. The food is wonderful! It’s hard to believe I ‘m on a “diet”. And it’s affordable! Check these best  Nutrisystem coupons.

Other factors that will benefit your health include plenty of exercise, a well-balanced diet as described above, lots of sleep on a good quality mattress, and drinking two liters of water a day. Doing any or all these things will give you tons more energy, a better mood and a sharper mind.