What is Weight Watchers New Simple Start?

In addition to its standard weight loss program, Weight Watchers has recently launched its new program, Simple Start. If you are someone looking for a quick weight loss boost that’s so easy it’s considered a no-brainer, Simple Start was specifically designed with you in mind.


Created as a two week program, Simple Start provides you with all the necessities to begin transforming your lifestyle and losing weight immediately. This new program provides balanced nutrition without the inconvenience of measuring or doing any math. You simply eat from a list of foods that can be found in any grocery store. The Simple Start food list is packed full of power foods, like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and low fat dairy to give your body the nutrients it needs and the results you want. 

Weight Watchers Simple Start

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Great Starts Are Simple

Along with the recommended food list, the Simple Start program also provides users with an app that contains easy to access step-by-step guides, webcasts, tips and more at home or on the go. Unsure of what meals to cook while participating in the program? No worries, Weight Watchers also provides hundreds of Simple Start recipes and meal ideas for free. Potential meals users may cook include shrimp stir-fry, veggie chili, a strawberry smoothie, egg salad sandwich, and many more. Of course, the chef inside you is welcome to create their own kitchen concoction using the foods from the list as well.

After just two weeks on the Simple Start plan you will be ready to transition into the standard Weight Watchers program where you will learn to eat what you love smarter, how to balance food choices, and live an overall healthy lifestyle. However, should you choose, Weight Watchers welcomes you the option to stick with the Simple Start program long after the two weeks if you would like to.

With Weight Watchers Simple Start, you can receive everything you need to begin making healthy choices, losing weight, and growing your confidence. Weight Watchers offers motivation and support through weekly meetings, mentors, and personal success stories as well as all the tools you need to succeed on your own with their eTools.

Healthy eating truly meets easy with the Weight Watchers Simple Start program. If you find yourself struggling to lose weight and challenged by making healthy food choices, you may want to consider giving Simple Start a try. Don't forget to get exclusive Weight Watchers promo codes on my website.